About us

Who are us?

A couple of fossil hobbyists, having a passion for ammonites, of course, but also for paleontology and earth-sciences in general . We have been looking for fossils for more than 25 years, in order to complete our systematic collection of ammonites.

Jean Ours


Rosemarie, before discovering pneumatic tools...

Which is our deontology ?

We do not sell, we do not either buy , however in order to enhance our systematic collection, we exchange our doubles.

Who are our partners?

- The Geological Association of the Cher

We are proud members since 1976 !

- The Natural History Museum of Bourges

A good old "Berrichon" , about 150 M.y. old, fond of ammonites - the plesiosaur of Berry - Bouy, exhibited in the Museum of Bourges.

Why did we create this page ?

On the one hand and really egotistical, we are simply trying to share our passion for the cephalopods with you. But we should be delighted, if this page would help you to indentify species of your own collection. Sorry, this is not a scientistic program. For futher details, please consult the "bibliography" On the other hand, may be it seems a good idea to compare our materiel with species of the same age, but coming from other outcrops?

How to contact us ?

Thank you for sending us your comments and if you would like to make some exchanges, please contact us. Given that the update of this site, requires much time and that it generates a good number of emails, please be patient....