Pseudoperisphinctidae SCHINDEWOLF, 1925













Family Pseudoperisphinctidae

This group, probably derived from bajocian Leptosphinctinae, was classified a long time as a subfamily of Perisphinctidae STEINMANN, 1925. Zany, Mangold, Marchand and Tréhour (1995) regard it from now on as a full family. The bathonian representatives illustrated in this site, belong consequently to the subfamily of Zigzagiceratinae. They are rather numerous in the Zigzag bed.

Vertical distribution of the family : Bajocian - Callovian.

Z. (Procerozigzag) cf pseudoprocerus (Buckm.) Ø 50 mm
Z. (Zigzagiceras) euryodos (Schmidt) Ø 45 mm
Z. (Zigzagiceras) cf. torrensi (Stur.) Ø 72 mm

Genus Zigzagiceras

It is a microconch form with square, rounded section, rather distant, typically noded ribs and a large zizag stage. The last whorl is perisphinctoid. Lappets.

Subgenus Procerozigzag

It groups medium-sized or stout-whorled macroconchs with a simple aperture. The zigzag stage is less developed than in Zigzagiceras. But the other ornementation is Zigzagiceras-like, but smooth on the body chamber.

P. (Procerites) gr. laeviplex (Quenst.) M Ø 145 mm
P. (Siemiradzkia) aurigerus (Opp.) m Ø 57 mm
P. (Siemiradzkia) procerus (v. Seeb.) Ø 42 mm

Genus Procerites

Procerites is a sub-evolute, macroconch shell with broad, flattened whorls. The numerous radiating ribs bifurcate as they cross the venter, the body chamber becoming smooth. There is a reduced zigzag stage in the inner whorls.

Subgenus Siemiradzkia

This subgenus is probably the Microconch of Procerites. It has bifurcated, irregular ribbing and parabolic nodes. It's a small, evolute shell with lappets.

L. (Lobosphinctes) tmetolobus (Buck.) M 68 mm
L. (Planisphinctes) acurvatus (Wetz.) M 56 mm
We are seeking....
  • P. (Procerites) gr. schloenbachi (de Gross.)

  • L. (Planisphinctes) planilobus (Buck.)

  • Z. (Procerozigzag) crassizigzag (Buckm.)

  • Z. (Zigzagiceras) plenum (Ark.)

Genus Lobosphinctes and subgenus Planisphinctes

The distinctive characteristics of the dimorphic pair Lobosphinctes - Planisphinctes are: a platycone, evolute shell, with perisphinctoid ribbing and a zigzag stage in the first whorls. The microconch Planisphinctes has lappets.

Genus Wagnericeras

This ammonite with triangular, thick section has strong and distant ribs. The inner whorls are evolute, the outer ones involute. The umbilic is deep and there is no zizag stage.

Wagnericeras sp. Ø 80 mm