The lower Bathonian stage in the Nevers (Nièvre) area

Once upon the time...

there were in the Nivernais, a good number of quarries. An oolitic limestone, with a rich fossil macro fauna, had been exploited there. Unfortunately, today we have to search in construction sites in order to find some interesting specimens. In fact, all the ammonites on this page come from the zone destined to be the foundations of a supermarket.


Many sea urchins of the species Collyrites, some rare brachiopods, gastropods and bivalves but above all, a rich ammonitic fauna.


The whole burgundy formation extends from the top of the Bajocian stage to the bottom of the lower Bathonian stage. The deposits of Nevers (Nièvre), France, correspond to a condensed level, placed in the Macrescens Subzone, in the top of the Zigzag Zone and rising up to the Tenuiplicatus Subzone.


A good number of varied Foraminifera : Lenticulina, Frondicularia...

Collyrites (Pygomalus) analis (Agassiz) is a bathonian species.


More than 30m thick layers with beige to black marly limestone or ferruginous oolitic limestone.


Most of the species on this page came from the Macrescens and Recinctus Subzone, because the material from the Tenuiplicatus Subzone wasn't sufficiently well preserved.